Getama revives original chair from Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel

Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel’s original armchair and footrest from 1955, which Getama will be putting back into production, is bound to have legs. This classic furniture is inspired by the cut of a dinner jacket, and the razor-sharp lines please the eye, while guaranteeing extraordinary sitting comfort.

Tux is not just one but two elements: chair and footrest. The design language and two pieces of furniture are based on the understanding that optimal sitting comfort requires being able to align your feet with your legs and hips. Tux expresses the quest for harmony that saturates the entire furniture catalogue of the Ditzel couple.

Even in its 2018 edition, the armchair is a stylistically pure manifestation of Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel’s ambition of perfection. The couple is renowned for its unremitting experiments with materials, shapes, and colours – and for always continuing until achieving the exact expression and comfort that the two were looking for. In many ways, Tux pays tribute to two of Denmark’s most successful designers ever. For that reason, we look very much forward to reintroducing it in the market, says Jesper Temp, director and owner of Getama.

Tailored comfort

The lines, so tight and straight you can almost cut yourself on them, are a part of the secret behind the easily recognisable and matchless expression of the chair. Contrary to what one might think, the immaculate design actually enhances the sitting comfort. Both footrest and seat wrap gently around the feet and legs – and are designed for frequent use. To sit in the chair is like walking on a varnished herringbone parquet floor, dressed in a dinner jacket: It makes you feel elegant and comfortable to such an extent, you automatically straighten your back.

For Getama, it has been a natural challenge to ensure that the chair complies with the extreme quality demands of the designers. The Jutland-based manufacturing company has its own factory, which provides it with the special prerequisites and competences required to ensure the follow-through of the slightest details in carpentry or upholstery.