Timber Credenza

New sideboard from Getama solves the problem with unsightly cables

Timber is the name of a new sideboard created for Getama by the Friis & Moltke design office. In alignment with the internationally renowned North Jutlandish brand’s history and vision, this piece of storage furniture embodies an impeccable symbiosis of function and form.

Technical installations such as power-consuming speakers, music systems, chargers, and TV boxes are something we all need. However, they are often an eyesore that clashes with the interior of most homes. The new Timber sideboard could be the solution to this problem.

Both the oak and the Douglas fir models feature unique details, but no matter which model you choose you get a piece of furniture that solves a practical problem in a beautiful way. The solution with the upholstered sliding gate makes it easy to conceal your cables, and the fabric shield allows unhindered passage of remote and Wi-Fi signals or speaker sound, says chief design officer Mikkel Bahr from Friis & Moltke.

The ultimative kind of refinement is simplicity

Getama is synonymous with architect-designed furniture of unrivalled quality. For more than 60 years, the carpentry and upholstery workshops in Gedsted by Limfjorden have witnessed a steadily growing portfolio of prize-winning classics and new icons.

The next chapter in the narrative of Danish modernism is therefore about Timber. This piece of furniture is living proof that the high technology of the 21st century and the venerable Danish craft traditions are not opponents but prerequisites of each other.

Timber is carpentry planned down to the slightest detail. The combination with Kvadrat’s fabric Floyd Screen guarantees a unique and uncompromising finish, where user experience and aesthetics complement each other symphonically. Who knows, this piece of furniture may end up stealing the show from the flat-screen TV on top or the music inside. The sideboard is fitted with two shelves and is available in a 120 cm version with one door, and a larger 165 cm version with two doors. The sideboard is part of a collection that includes a plank table, a dining chair, and a coat stand.